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Hey Parents/Guardians 
Amy has got something to tell you...

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BBA Recital Info

Recital Location: The Plaza Theater, 125 W. Mills Ave, El Paso, TX 79901


Recital Date: Saturday, May 27th, 2023


Recital Times: 11:00 pm and 5:00 pm.

  • All dancers are required to dance in both shows. 

  • The shows will be the same, so family and friends can attend either or both shows.

Bring with you:

  • All necessary costumes in a garment bag

  • Any accessories that go with the costumes

  • All necessary dance shoes

  • All necessary tights

  • At least one extra pair of tights

  • Bobby pins, hair ties, hairspray

  • Makeup

  • Safety pins



  • Be on time! We run like clockwork and will not wait for anyone.

  • You will be able to enter the dressing rooms at 10:00 am and 4:00 pm. 

  • Dancers should arrive at the Plaza Theater with hair and makeup done according to their teacher’s instructions.

  • Dancers should arrive in regular clothes.

  • Under NO circumstances can a dancer wear their costumes or any accessories that come with them to or outside the theater, or in the auditorium. It is unprofessional. 

  • In the past, we have been complimented by the stage crew on our professional conduct in the theater. We trust that we can count on the same cooperation this year.



  • Parking is available at the Camino Real, the Convention Center, the parking garage on Oregon St and Franklin St, or at any parking lot downtown. 

  • There are fees at all parking locations. 

  • We encourage families to drop off dancers and one parent (see below) at the backstage door parking lot and then go park the car.


Entering the Plaza Theater: 

  • Enter the Plaza Theater at the backstage door. This door is next to the loading dock, on Main St, across from the Convention Center. 

  • Only mothers and their dancers will be permitted backstage. No men allowed backstage, unless there is an extreme situation and it has been approved by Amy (see Special situations). *Stage crew, security, photographers, BBA staff, and dancers are exceptions.*

  • Do not bring foods or drinks backstage.

  • Follow the posted signs to find your dancers’ dressing rooms.


Getting Ready:

  • Help your dancer change into their costume, tights, shoes, accessories, and touch up hair and makeup.

  • No bras or underwear under costumes!

  • Have your dancers ready at least 5 dances before they go on stage.


Getting to the stage and watching the dances:

  • BBA staff will come get you and your dancers’ group and escort them to the stage area 3 dances before they go on stage.

  • Wait for direction from our staff. Do not go or send your dancer to the stage area alone.

  • Mothers may come to the side of the stage to watch their dancers perform as directed by BBA staff.

  • Mothers must watch from stage right only, not from stage left.


After the dances:

  • You will take your dancers back to their group’s dressing room.

  • Help your dancer change out of their costume and back into their regular clothes.

  • Pick up all of your/your dancers’ belongings.

  • Clean up any trash you/your dancer may have made.

  • You and your dancers may leave or watch the rest of the show.



  • 6 tickets per dancer for the 11:00 am show. 6 tickets per dancer for the 5:00 pm show.

  • You have already paid for these. There are no additional admission fees.

  • Anyone 2 years old and older needs a ticket to get in.

  • Every dancer needs a ticket if they are going to watch.

  • Handicap tickets are sold separately in the office.

  • Tickets are assigned alphabetically. You do not pick your seats. 

  • Tickets will be handed out starting at the beginning of May.

  • After tickets have all been handed out and accounted for, extra tickets will be raffled for $8 per ticket.


These are your only tickets. If tickets are lost or stolen, they will not be replaced. We do not keep a record of what tickets we assign people and cannot make duplicates of the tickets.



  • No photography or filming in the auditorium.

  • Professionals will be filming and photographing both of the shows. The video and photos will be for sale later on.


Special situations:

  • If you have special situations regarding parents/grandparents backstage, multiple dancers, multiple dances, quick changes, or anything else, come to the office before the recital to discuss it with us.

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